Why You Should Invest in Residential Solar Power | Simply Solar

Not all home improvement projects offer the kind of return on investment that solar does. Simply Solar’s signature solar energy systems allow residential homeowners to take advantage of clean, renewable energy from our Bay Area sun, while lowering or eliminating energy bills. From rooftop to ground mount and everything in between, Simply Solar is the Bay Area solar company with the experience to build the optimal system for your home and your budget. While upfront costs can be a deterrent for some, working with us, we think you’ll find you pay less each month with solar than your traditional energy. 

Residential Solar Is An Investment That Pays Back From Day 1

While it may seem like the upfront costs are on the high side, the reality is you will be replacing your standard electric bill with the payment on your solar energy system. In many cases, this payment is lower than what you may have been paying for traditional electricity. And the best part is that you own your solar energy system, and once your solar panels are paid off, you own all the energy it generates free and clear. 

Rooftop Solar And Your Return On Investment

The average solar energy system will pay for itself within seven to nine years. That leaves nearly two-thirds of the life of the solar energy system to generate clean, affordable energy for you, as most solar energy systems have a 25+ year lifespan.

Consider The Rate You’re Paying For Electricity Now

Get familiar with the rate you pay for energy now and the average monthly cost of your current electric bill. Knowing this gives you a good baseline for the monthly payment you’d be comfortable with when determining financing options.

Financial Incentives Drive Your Costs Down

Check for any incentives offered by the government, or rebates for clean energy, and check back often. These often change as new incentives and rebates are added. The current federal program, the solar investment tax credit (ITC), saves on average $9,000 on your solar panel costs and installation.

The Impact Of Solar On Your Property Value

Adding renewable energy like solar to your home can make it increase in value. As new buyers look more and more for that eco-sustainable lifestyle, solar panels are likely to be a fantastic deal breaker when it comes to selling your home for a little bit more than you otherwise would. 

The Time To Invest In Residential Solar Is Now

We know how to help you get the most out of your solar energy system, so you can start seeing a return on investment sooner rather than later. Pay less on your energy bill from day one, and for decades to come. Let the solar advisors at Simply Solar help you build the best system for your home to help you start saving on your energy bill ASAP.