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Where better to make use of the sun’s free energy than in the Golden State of California? The development of solar energy has become a popular option for providing electricity to homes and businesses here in Sonoma County, and those looking to find the #1 Sonoma County solar installation provider should take a look at the work being done by Simply Solar California in Petaluma.
Serving all of Northern California, Simply Solar is a full-service company that provides everything from the consultation and engineering of a project to the installation and lifetime monitoring and maintenance of your system. Whether your needs are for a commercial or a residential solar power system, they have top-line American-made products, the highly-skilled installation personnel, and the expertise to provide you with clean, renewable energy at significant savings compared to what you’re currently paying for your traditionally delivered electricity.

The Ultimate Win/Win

The installation of a solar-powered electrical system not only saves you money but also helps save the planet. Using the sun, an endless renewable resource used to passively produce all the clean energy you’ll need for running your home or business, also reduces your carbon footprint.
Even on overcast days your system’s photovoltaic panels continue to absorb the sun’s energy, and every bit of direct current (DC) power is transformed into usable alternating current (AC) power that’s either used directly to energize your home or business requirements or put into the power grid, where you’ll receive a high rate of credit for the excess. If ever you require power back from the electric company, you’ll receive it at a lower cost than what they paid to buy your excess energy surplus.
It’s easy to learn if your home or business qualifies for this fantastic solar program. Look into a Sonoma County solar Installation by contacting Simply Solar at (707) 285-7037 today. Start saving as soon as possible!