Who is Advancing Solar Technology Today? Our Partners | Simply Solar

For some solar is the new kid in town. But in the decades since solar has gone mainstream, technological advancements have made rooftop solar not only more efficient, but also more affordable. From innovation in solar batteries, to increased efficiency in solar panels, the latest developments in solar show a promising road toward growth in an already fast-moving field.  

Transparent Solar Panels

Innovations in solar panel technology is leading towards a clear winner with transparent solar. Companies like ClearVue and others are marketing a solar panel product that appears to be a sheet of glass, and can be used in place of windows to generate clean energy without rooftop space needed. Are we in the future yet?

Solar Roof Tiles

The Tesla Solar Roof gets a lot of attention for its shingles that act as solar panels, or its solar panels that act like shingles, and mimic the appearance of a typical roof. The downside is you have to replace your entire roof, and it’s certainly not the most affordable way to go solar. 

And a few noteworthy items on some of our key vendors, trusted partners with a track record of great products we stand behind.


If you’re concerned with the aesthetics of your solar energy system, Solaria’s shingled technology is a new, sleek way to go solar. The panels are fully black, without even those white gridlines you sometimes see on black panels. It’s a seamless look created using patented technology, with the slightest overlap creating the ‘shingle’ like effect that blends in with most roofs. 


In February 2021, Silfab launched the Elite Series, the highest performing residential solar panels in the company’s history. With an efficiency rating of up to 21.4%, and a sleek appearance, these solar panels could help you generate more solar per square foot of space than your average solar panel options. They do this by offering an increased ability to generate energy in low light and cold temperatures. 

Blue Planet Energy

The latest energy storage system from Blue Planet Energy is the Blue Ion HI. It is a stackable, maintenance-free lithium system backed by a 15-year performance warranty, offering reliability on or off the grid. People love the design aesthetics, and the fact that it takes about half the time to install vs other systems, and it has a compact footprint. 

LG Chem

This popular solar battery option is still one of the best on the market. LG has been in the solar market for 30 years and their experience shows in the products, their technology and their performance year over year. 

These are just a few of the latest innovations in solar from some of our vendors. Solaria, Silfab, Blue Planet Energy, and the LG and LG Chem lines, all come highly-vetted from our team of experts at Simply Solar. We believe that the best install is only as good as the equipment you’re installing, and these brands are leading the way for more people to go solar today and in the years to come.