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With the rising tide of the solar industry, more and more solar panel contractors are riding the wave to provide solar systems in homes and businesses. Unfortunately, all solar installers were not created equal. Some may not have the quality products, experience and service capabilities of others. So how do you decide which solar installer is best for your home or residential product? 

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1. How many years has the solar company been in business?

As mentioned above many new contractors are entering the solar business — some with little experience in solar technology. 


2. What do the customers say about the company?

Reach out to your friends, neighbors and co-workers to see if they have had any experience with the company or heard anything about it. 


3. What does the company’s online reviews say?

Between Facebook, Yelp, Google and other sites like Home Advisor, you can get a pretty good idea about a company’s reputation for quality products and superior service.  


4. What is the number of solar installations the contractor has completed?

You want a solar provider who knows not only the inner workings of solar energy, they know how to successfully build a solar system for your home or business. 


5. What is the company’s warranty on workmanship and products?

If you’re working with a reputable solar provider, most will warranty their workmanship and products for at least 10 years, often up to 25 years. Keep in mind that a warranty may not mean anything if you’re working with a company that is out of business next year.


6. Are the workers who actually install the solar system employees of the solar contractor or does the contractor subcontract any part of the installation? 

Some solar providers get the job but have other people do some or all of the work, for example upgrading the main electrical panel. Check out the team who will be working on your project and make sure they have the experience you need.


7. How experienced is the solar company working in your area?

With experience in your city, county or other building authority jurisdiction, your solar contractor will know and understand the specific codes, rules and accepted guidelines that apply to solar installations in that area. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in costly delays and legal problems. 


8. Does the solar contractor have experience on my roof type?

Since roofs can be made of all different types of material — from composite shingles to concrete tile and everything in between — it’s a good idea to work with a company that has experience installing solar systems on a roof similar to yours. 


9. Does the solar panel installer carry all of the appropriate licenses for both workers and their business?

Your contractor should have both liability and workers’ compensation insurance as well as be licensed and in good standing with your state contractor’s licensing board.


10. Will the solar provider offer personal service, customized to fit my needs?

When you hire a solar panel contractor, you want someone who is willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with your project. That’s accomplished by taking the initiative to visit the home or business and to make sure the agreed-upon design will work seamlessly. They’ll go over the conduit runs, placement of equipment and the scope of any accessory work.


11. Is there a schedule of payment terms offered?

Most credible solar panel contractors will allow you to pay for the project in payments that conclude after the project is installed. 


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