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Tesla has been on the mind of many San Francisco Bay Area residents interested in solar for the past few years, and by the looks of their recent ventures into both the solar and space industries, they will not be slowing down any time soon. Part of this is due to the recent rollout of one of its hottest new innovations in solar technology: the solar roof tile. Most homeowners that are leaning towards a solar tile roof are usually in need of a roof replacement, or they just want to replace a section of their roof with the energy producing tiles.

What is a solar roof tile?

In a nutshell, solar tiles are smaller solar panels that are directly adhered to the top of the home or business structure, generating electricity for the property. These kinds of modules are also known as a type of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV), and are just beginning to be rolled out into the renewable energy ecosystem.

The current installation timeline for major manufacturers of solar tile roofs, such as Tesla, makes for a long waiting list.  The issues of month-long installations, and the potential for extended service wait times makes for an even more frustrating experience. When you decide to go solar, you likely want it to happen within the year, right?

The sleek design of a solar tile may fit well with the modern home, showcasing only the roof shingles without units laying on top of your house. However, modern solar panels, which are produced by leading manufacturers in the industry, are sporting smooth, sleeker, and less conspicuous panels. They add years of service, durability, curb appeal and equity to any property for a fraction of the cost! Traditional solar panels, such as the Silfab370, have manufacturer warranties, and are readily available from qualified solar providers. Top these warranties with installers like Simply Solar, who offer long term product guarantees, you can rest assured your traditional solar panel system can be serviced efficiently down the line.

Whether or not you make the decision to install or wait for the Tesla Solar Roof, use our solar calculator to find out how much you can save today by going solar!

How much do solar tiles cost? 

The short answer: It depends!

When it comes to installing solar on your roof or home, some may believe that you need a relatively new roof to qualify for a system. In reality, you can install an array on just about any type of roof, so long as it is structurally sound and up to code. Solar tiles are made of tempered glass, so the protection from water and weather damage is not the same as that of a traditional roof.  Working with a solar provider, that is an expert in roofing as well, will set your home up for a successful solar installation.

If you need a roof replacement, when you factor in the cost on top of your solar panel installation, the cost difference between panels and a solar tile roof becomes more narrow. However, it is still too soon to know the maintenance required for solar tile roofs. Conventional solar allows for live monitoring of your panels that can quickly  be addressed by your local installer. The human touch of sticking with a trusted and local solar installer is unmatched.

Searching for ways you can be more energy efficient online can lead to more confusion than when you started. Trust a company that values your solar education, just as much as your solar business.

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