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Are you tired of paying those high electric bills for your business every month? Good news, you can decrease your electric bill up to 80% with solar! Commercial solar in Sonoma County is growing, especially for apartment communities, condominiums, and office buildings. The past few years were the best years for solar sales and installations, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Solar is cheap, clean, and sustainable energy that comes from an endlessly renewable source. Your commercial building’s solar system is your primary energy supplier.

  • Solar panels with photovoltaic cells absorb the rays from the sun.
  • This power is fed through an inverter, where it can be used by your facility or sold back to the power company at a higher rate than you are currently paying.

The energy your facility does not use is sold back to the grid, where it provides power to other customers of PG&E and Sonoma Clean Power.

When the commercial building no longer receives power from the sun, you are immediately switched to the community grid. This can occur at night or during dark days. You are charged only for the power used from the grid. This power costs you much less since it is your secondary source of energy.


Solar panels can be installed on any roof and even on the ground. Panels installed on flat and pitched roofs are typically angled toward a west or southwest direction for maximum sunlight exposure.

The panels are mounted on any roof with special mounting systems that allow air circulation over the roof. This also allows for water runoff from the roofing system.

Simply Solar is one of the top companies for designing and installing commercial solar in Sonoma County. We will create a special solar program for your commercial building based on your utility consumption.

Residential commercial buildings and offices benefit from solar panel systems throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Visit Simply Solar online at or call 707-285-7037 for a free consultation and information on the best solar plan for your building.