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Solar power is becoming a great investment for many businesses, and we’re seeing a big uptick in commercial solar in Sonoma County.  One of the many advantages of solar installations is that they require minimal maintenance, so the ongoing costs of ownership are low.
However, minimal maintenance does not mean no maintenance, which is a misconception some people have about commercial solar power systems.  There are still a few issues solar owners need to look out for and reasons one would want to call in a commercial solar expert to look at.
Here are some of the biggest maintenance issues to watch out for.
Key Aspects of Properly Maintaining Your Commercial Solar In Sonoma County

  1. Cleaning

Though panels can perform in many harsh conditions, maximum solar energy conversion requires the solar panels be free of dirt and debris.   For this reason, it’s an excellent idea to have someone check your solar panels at least once a year and, if necessary, give them a cleaning to help them perform optimally.
This is particularly true if you’re in an area prone to dust storms or low rainfall.  Rain is often the most common “method” of cleaning panels, but without the rain, dirt can easily accumulate.

  1. Direct Damage

Anything on your roof can be vulnerable to flying debris, especially during storms.  It is important to use panels with good impact ratings, so that they can resist breakage from storm debris. In the event that panel is broken, having good monitoring services and strong warranties is essential in getting your system fixed quickly.

  1. Strong Monitoring Services

Your solar system should be hooked up to a monitoring solution that reports system data to an online platform 24/7. Your solar installer will be able to preemptively service issues, and know if anything is out of the ordinary.
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