The Ultimate Guide To Residential Solar | Simply Solar

Learn about the various aspect of each solar installation, ranging from solar panel types to payment options. Understand the benefits and drawbacks of each one of these pieces.

What is Solar

The first step to going solar is understanding what it is and how it will help you. When generating your own electricity your panels rely on the sun’s energy. This energy is then converted into a current that is capable of powering the appliances in your home. You are also able to sell your excess power back to the grid, at a higher price than the cost your originally paid.

The Products

Solar is an ingenious way to cheaply generate your own electricity, but you must have the equipment to do so and not all products used are equal. When going solar it is important to choose a company who used industry leading technology, with strong warranties.

Types of Solar Installation

While the most common type of solar installation is a roof-mounted system, it is not the only type. In fact, solar can be installed on any permitted structure. It is essential to go with a solar provider whose skill and expertise allows them to install solar anywhere.

The Ultimate Guide to Home Solar, Simply Solar