Why Spring Is The Best Time For Solar | Simply Solar

The warm weather has arrived! Spring is an ideal time to install a solar system as you will be able to start your true-up period with negative bills. You’ll have remarkable results and savings with your new investment on day one.

With longer days and more sunshine, installing a solar system in the spring allows you to take advantage of the longer days for maximum energy harvesting. In fact, spring is the second-best season for solar production! With summer coming in as the best season for solar production. Solar systems tend to over-produce electricity in the spring and summer months, allowing you to sell back your excess energy.

Because summer has the highest production rate for energy, installing your system in the spring will help you offset high energy bills associated with increased air conditioner use, resulting in substantial savings.
As solar systems become more popular, more states are reducing their solar incentives. By installing your system sooner rather than later, you are hedging your bet that you will be able to benefit from higher rebates and better deals from your utility company.

Spring is also the most popular season for buying real estate. If you have recently bought a new home, installing a solar system can help increase your property value before you have even moved in. The average solar system can add $20,000 or more to your home’s value. In fact, most solar systems increase a home’s property value significantly more than the net cost of the system!

Without snow on the roof, it is also much easier for solar installers to place solar panels on the roof of your home. Many homeowners also choose spring to repair or replace their roofs, so while you are working on the roof, you might as well go ahead and add solar panels.

Many people also consider a home improvement project as part of their New Year’s resolution. What better way to keep that resolution early in the year by getting a solar system installed to generate power? Installing solar can help you meet financial resolutions to save more money and be more environmentally friendly.

Do not worry about spring rain showers negatively impacting your solar production. Solar systems are designed to generate electricity all year round, even on gray and overcast days. That is because solar panels produce electricity from the UV rays that appear through the clouds.

As you can see, there are so very many benefits to installing your home’s solar system in the spring. Do not delay: call today!