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Sun-drenched California tops the list of the best locations for solar panels, but you might be surprised by some of the other states that have embraced the solar revolution. The best geographic locations for solar energy, as you might assume, are heavily based on how much sunlight the area receives in general, but you also need to consider the terrain, as objects such as tall buildings, trees, and mountains can block sunlight. Here’s a look at some of the best places for solar energy in the US.

  1. California

It’s no surprise that California is leading the nation in solar power. Besides being a massive, sunny state, California residents are known for having strong opinions on environmental issues. California is also one of the best locations for solar panels because of its many generous incentive programs that make switching to clean solar energy a sound financial decision.

  1. Texas

Like California, Texas is a huge state that gets a whole lot of sunshine, making it the second-best state for going solar. The problem is that the state’s legislation is nowhere near as enticing. Texas doesn’t offer any statewide rebate programs or tax credits, however, there are some local benefits in certain areas. For example, Austin residents can enjoy a $2,500 rebate.

  1. North Carolina

In contrast to Texas, North Carolina is actually one of the best locations for solar panels because of its legislation, rather than in spite of it. The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS) requires that investor-owned utilities source at least 12.5% of their energy needs from energy-efficient or renewable energy sources.

  1. Florida

A palm tree and a beautiful sunset over the water in Florida

Known as the Sunshine State, it’s no surprise that Florida is among the best geographic locations for solar energy, too, but the endless rays aren’t the only reason. As photovoltaic systems become more and more affordable, many Florida residents are realizing how much money they can save by switching to solar energy. Florida’s Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing option is another reason why it’s one of the best locations for solar panels.

  1. Arizona

Arizona is undeniably one of the best places for solar energy in the US because so much of the land is desert. Lots of sun and a flat landscape are absolutely perfect for solar power. Additionally, much like North Carolina, Arizona’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) law has helped solar power grow, as it requires investor-owned utilities to source at least 15% of their power from renewable energy sources by 2025.

Other States Where Solar Power Is Popular

Solar power is gaining traction all over the world, and especially in the U.S. where some of the other best locations for solar panels are Nevada, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Georgia, and New York. Some states are ideal because of the amount of sun they receive; others rank high because of their laws, while some offer a combination of both.

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