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Solar Panel vs Wind Turbine

At Simply Solar, we are not only passionate about green energy, we truly believe that solar panels can change the way you look at energy and your electricity bill. Our team offers residential and commercial solar energy options to fit all of your energy needs. Many clients often ask questions about the difference between solar panels and wind turbines, the benefits, and which option would work best them. We’ve put together the basic differences between the two. For questions or more information, contact Simply Solar for all your solar panel needs. 

Solar energy and wind power stations

Solar Panels & Solar Energy

Solar panels and solar panel roofing is the perfect way to cut down on your energy spending and use a renewable energy source. The great thing about solar energy is it’s easy. After purchasing and installing your solar panels, you can let the sun do the work. Both residential and commercial solar panels are extremely efficient in a state like California where the sun is constantly shining. Overall, solar panels are much less expensive when compared with wind turbines, which is why they are especially popular among residential clients. 

Wind Turbines & Wind Energy

Wind energy is also a great way to harness a renewable energy source. One of the advantages of wind turbines is they can continue working at night. They will harness energy whenever there is wind, regardless of the time of day. However, a disadvantage is that they can be quite costly. Residential wind systems can run upwards of $20,000, which is an expensive up-front cost to pay for most residential and some commercial clients.

Which Is Better?

When thinking about green energy, it really comes down to what you are looking for, what will meet your needs, and what fits your budget. For most clients at Simply Solar, they are interested in the best “bang for their buck” in terms of green energy. When it comes down to the numbers and figures, that usually means solar energy with solar panels. If you’d like to discuss your options, please come talk to our Simply Solar team!

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