How Solar Is Our Energy Future | Simply Solar

As solar energy continues to grow, it appears that solar power will become the dominant source of the world’s energy within the next 40 years. In a report released recently by the International Energy Agency (IEA), they predict that by 2050, photovoltaic (PV) systems could generate up to 16 percent of the world’s electricity – a substantial increase from the less than 1 percent that we generate today. Additionally, solar thermal electricity (STE), from solar power plants, could provide an additional 11 percent, bringing the total impact of solar energy up to 27 percent.

Sustainable and low-carbon energy technologies continue to play an important role as we attempt to slowly shift from away from green-house gas emissions and high pollution resources such as fossil fuels. Since 2010 alone, the world has added more photovoltaic capacity than in the previous four decades. Yet, the IEA states that we must continue this growth trend in order to achieve our goals (up to 80% renewable energy by 2050), or else global warming will continue to increase.

This rapid growth rate is extremely promising. Solar energy is the fastest growing renewable energy in the world, and is only getting more popular – we can’t help but be excited!

Read the full IEC energy report.