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Homeowners rest easy with energy independence, and the savings you’ll enjoy when installing Solar Power.

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We are sure you’ve heard that switching to solar energy can dramatically reduce your environmental footprint, but what you may not have known is how much economic sense it makes to GO SOLAR!

On average, homeowners who go solar save 80-90% on their electric bill every month, and many of our clients save thousands of dollars in their first year alone using solar energy.

Best news yet, solar savings only grow with time, and with the right company behind you every step of the way, the process is simple! There is a reason so many Bay Area homeowners are switching to Solar Power!


Save on Energy Bills

When you go solar, savings start on day one. 


Federal Tax Credit

The federal government offers a 26% tax credit when you go solar! 


Increase Property Value

Roof solar panels can significantly increase the value of your property.

we stand out


Simply Solar is one of the leading providers of clean energy and solar power in the Bay Area. We have a highly skilled in-house team of installers which is one of our many advantages, making us a top choice for Residential Solar Installations throughout Sonoma County and the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Unlike other businesses that sub-contract work out, we employ everyone who ever touches your project. From the first call to the install, someone on the Simply Solar team will be by your side! Whether you’re looking for a new roof, solar panels for your house, or a solar battery storage system, you can be sure that your custom solar system will be productive for years to come.

California homeowners and business owners alike choose Simply Solar for our top-notch service, stellar lineup of top of the line solar products, and custom designed solar solutions.