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Installing a solar system will save on your energy costs and contribute to lower carbon emissions. This is a passive clean energy system that uses the sun, an endlessly renewable resource.

Photovoltaic cells capture the energy from the sun and store it in special batteries. This direct current energy is sent to an inverter where it is changed into alternating current to power your lighting, HVAC system, and home appliances.

The excess energy accumulated on bright days is sold back to the PG&E electrical grid in Sonoma County. You receive credit for that energy at a high rate through net energy metering. You may need grid power at night or during the darker days of winter. Your electrical bill is based on the power used at a much lower rate.

Determine Your Needs

Simply Solar California provides Sonoma County solar installation for all homes and commercial buildings. The number of solar panels required depends on the size and pitch of your roof, along with the direction your house or building faces. The number of panels also depends on how much power your building actually needs.

Your solar panels will power all of your electrical appliances. The energy is used in the summer for your air conditioner and all other electric needs. The photovoltaic cells continue to absorb sunlight even on overcast days, although bright days contribute more energy to the system.

Our professional installers will discuss all aspects of solar installation including detailed cost analysis. This is based on your normal electrical use and power bill. We will analyze how you will save money with a solar system. We obtain all necessary permits. We will also show you how your electrical use from the solar panels is monitored.

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