Residential Solar Services in Sonoma County

There are plenty of reasons to live in Sonoma County, but one of the best is for the weather and the sunshine in particular. In fact, the average solar analysis indicates that the area experiences 260 or more days of sunshine very year. This fact means that Sonoma County is an ideal place to make a solar panel installation on your residential home. Here’s why:
Solar services help homeowners save money. Solar panels have significantly dropped in price over the last decade, and the Federal government offsets even more cost with a 30% investment tax credit that dollar for dollar reduces your Federal tax bill. In addition, state and local governments also offer further incentives and rebates. For homeowners with an electric bill of above $80/month – solar can offer instant savings, and long term return on investment.
Day-to-day operation of solar products is eminently affordable. According to ongoing research, solar power competes with fossil fuels in many US states. A couple of bonuses, however, push the balance into solar’s favor. First, a solar panel installation adds incredible value to a home in the environmentally friendly area of Sonoma County.
Second, the vast majority of local municipalities have legislated that the big power companies must buy excess power produced by residential solar. With just a little conservation on the homeowner’s part, they can actually make money on their electrical use.
Solar services provide environmental benefits. It should go without saying, but solar power is one of the most environmentally sound technologies available today. It is a sustainable resource since the sun most likely will not burn out until long after mankind is gone. In addition, solar introduces less than one-eighth the amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as fossil fuel systems – a great boon to a planet that is severely threatened by global warming.
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