Residential Solar In Northern California

A solar analysis of the Northern California area – just north of downtown San Francisco – reveals an extraordinary opportunity for homeowners who would like to have solar panels installed on their home. With over 260 cloud-free days every year, the area is ripe with opportunity for those with the foresight to seize it. Here are just a few reasons why solar panel installation is an extremely good idea in this part of the country:
First, solar panels provide real benefits for the environment. Solar services are safe, reliable and almost completely environmentally neutral. This fact means that you, your family, your neighbors – both human and not – can be worry free about its effects on people and their surroundings. In addition, solar power is sustainable, so society at large need not worry about our future energy needs – especially as the price of solar panel installation, operation and maintenance continues to drop.
Second, their operation is relatively predictable. The operation of a solar panel system is safe, reliable and essentially hands-free. Once it is installed, a solar power system will last from 20 to 30 years as long as regular, biannual – one at the beginning of summer and one at the end – maintenance checks are conducted. The cost for this is minimal and is easily covered by the monthly savings that the system should be producing.
Third, the government encourages their implementation. With an income tax credit of 30% from the Federal government as well as rebates and incentives form states and local municipalities, solar panel installation has never been more affordable. In addition, most local governments across the nation have enacted legislation that requires “Big Electric” to purchase – at market rates, no less! – any excess power produced by residential, solar powered sources.
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