Finding The Right Residential Solar Company | Simply Solar

Solar Technology Saves Money and the Environment

Savvy homeowners in Sonoma County are on the lookout for a solid residential solar company. Sonoma County sees lots of sunshine, and even a small solar power system can power most of your home’s needs. Homeowners who go solar can save thousands of dollars by offsetting up to 100% of their home’s power requirements with clean renewable energy.

Finding the Right Installation Group

There are tricky situations accompanying a solar panel installation. Expect licensed, bonded, insured services from professionals who know everything about the technology and its proper application. Complete services should include:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Monitoring

Where’s the sun in relation to your home or business? A residential solar company in Sonoma County should be able to engineer solutions even for properties situated in areas where some convenient surfaces rarely see the sun. A team will work with you to find the best place for installation of panels, and then they’ll do the dirty work.

Experienced Installation and Community Outreach

Solar power is more than a new means of energy collection; in a lot of respects, it’s a frontier technology that stands to liberate millions. That’s one reason many solar companies work regularly in community outreach. Additionally, the more jobs a solar group does, the more experienced its technicians become. You definitely want experience; the technology is unfamiliar to most and requires experienced, knowledgeable experts to help give you the best solutions.

An Increasingly Trusted Option

One residential solar company in Sonoma County who has the proper professional qualifications, regularly reaches out to the community, and who designs, installs and monitors systems is Simply Solar California. It’s easy to save money and help the environment with Simply Solar; call (707) 285-7037 to learn more.