What the pandemic relief package means for renewable energy solutions | Simply Solar

Just in time for Christmas, renewable energy solutions, like solar power, received their gift from congress. On Dec 20, 2020, along with the vote to pass additional stimulus and COVID aid relief to millions of Americans, U.S. congress voted to EXTEND the solar tax credit.

What does this vote mean?

It means that the solar tax credit will remain at 26% for the next two years, unlike the initial decline to 22%. Now California homeowners and business owners will still be able to claim 26% federal credit, saving them more money on their energy usage over time. Now we think that is a reason to celebrate!

Learn more about the solar tax credit here. 

Many solar adopters and advocates of renewable energy solutions are sharing excitement for the news of the ITC (Investment Tax Credit) extension. With it, comes a federal investment in continued research and development of clean energy efforts.

A quote from Simply Solar Co-Founder, Sean Green

“We are thrilled to see an extension on the Solar Tax Credit for the next few years. We had heard the rumors of an extension, and are glad to see that innovation and renewable technology will be funded and supported by our countries leadership.

Despite the setbacks of 2020, an extension of the ITC is a huge win for future solar customers and the entire industry. Renewable energy is at the forefront of global economic and social change. The opportunity to support and rebuild a fractured pandemic economy is something we are ready to do.”

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