What's The Average Solar Panel Lifespan | Simply Solar

We are bombarded with solar information on a daily basis- so whats the big deal? Solar energy is an incredibly eco-friendly way to eliminate your electric bill- one that is built to last. Today’s society is filled with high tech gadgets (phones, laptops, etc), that are generally projected to last 10 years at best. The U.S. population has witnessed solars durability (production over 80%) throughout the past 30 years. Solar panels are projected to last upwards of 40 years, with high levels of production. In fact, solar systems installed in the 1980’s are still functioning at astonishing high levels.

Solar technology has increased so dramatically in the past ten years that even in rain, snow, and the harshest conditions solar panels still produce at high levels.  Solar panels continually exceed their 25 year warrantees with outstanding production. Solar is able to do this because there are no digital processors, no flywheels, no pumps, no delicate motherboards, and no fans. There are little to no morning parts that can break, as a result they require almost no maintenance over the years. Additionally, the components of each panel contributes to its durability as they are composed of- glass protected solar cells, made of pure silicon. The high production rate more often than not is attributed to the type of silicon used in the panel. If a solar panel consists of pure silicon than it produces at higher levels than panels containing impure silicon such as polycrystalline panels.
The US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) has published studies on the durability and effectiveness of solar panels. Studies show that throughout the past decade solar technology has rapidly increased, leading to an increase in long term production. Additionally, today’s solar panels are lighter weight, and more stylish as many of them have a sneak all black finish.

What’s The Catch?

While solar panels installed today last the longer than ever, with the highest sustained production- there is a slight decline in production every year. This decline in production can originate from different environmental factors such as- temperature fluctuations, harsh storms, etc. Even after 40 years of wear and tear on your solar panels, they are still projected to produce at 80% efficiency.

Real Durability?

In fact, solar panels are so durable they are used as the main source of energy in space! Solar panels are able to withstand the even the harshest environments- everything from the hottest temperatures here on earth and the coldest in space. Homeowners enjoy the security that their long lasting solar panels provide, in our world consumed by rapid technological turnover.