Leading U.S. Companies Make Big Investments in Solar Energy | Simply Solar

Fortune 100 businesses have made huge investments in solar energy!

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) unleashes its 2016 Solar Means Business report, indicating that more American businesses are installing solar than ever before. It is evident that the solar trend is sweeping the country, in fact- investing in solar pays dividends for both the environment and the companies’. In just the first three quarters of 2016 America’s corporate solar installations exceeded the amount of installations in the entire year of 2015. Since the first Solar Means Business report the top U.S. businesses have increased their solar capacity by 240%. In fact, the solar installations of America’s corporations produces enough electricity to power the equivalent of 193,000 homes every year. Additionally, since the first report in 2012 the average price of commercial PV installation has decreased by 58%. Corporate solar installations are generating enough clean electricity to offset more than 1.1 metric tons of carbon emissions.

Why go solar commercially?

So what benefits are included with a corporate solar installation? Solar installations can actually eliminate your electric bill, via clean power, while creating American jobs, boost the U.S. economy and improve the environment. Additionally, with any solar installation the property owner receives a 30% tax credit, increased property value, and immense savings. With PG&E annual rate increase right around 4%, commercial installations can expect to see hundreds of dollars worth of savings in just the first year.

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