Rooftop Solar System | Speak With a Simply Solar Consultant

There are a lot of misconceptions out there that switching to rooftop solar panels for your home is too costly for the average homeowner. But when you consider your standard energy options, and the rising costs of energy worldwide, it’s easy to see that a rooftop solar system can pay for itself and deliver a return on investment from the first day you start generating solar energy.

Solar energy is more affordable than ever

When it was first introduced, the typical rooftop solar cost was, in fact, expensive. But times have changed, and the parts and processes it takes to install solar power energy systems have become more affordable to produce, so quality rooftop solar panels are cheaper for you to buy. And what’s more, is that those who have been in the business a while now have the experience to match installing all different configurations of solar for homes, on rooftops, in big fields, on businesses, and at schools, hospitals, and government buildings.

The cost of traditional energy is on the rise

When it comes to getting your power straight from the electric grid, costs have gone up and will continue to rise. Customers generally have no control over the price they are charged for energy and little control overload shedding and interruptions from the grid. Without rooftop solar panels, as the cost goes up over time, the quality of your energy just stays the same, or it could even get worse as fuel shortages affect the grid.

The cost of your solar energy system is fixed, for good

Unlike traditional energy costs that rise every year, your financing will remain the same monthly cost until your system is paid off. Compare your current electric bill with the monthly cost you’re quoted for your rooftop solar system. Chances are, you’ll pay about the same or less than you’re paying right now, saving you money from day 1.

Rooftop solar panels come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets

There are a lot of ways to control your budget when going solar. While you won’t want to skimp on quality products or experienced installers, you can decide how much of your energy you’d like to come from solar. A combination system may make sense for you, where certain high-use appliances are powered by solar and the remainder is from another source like the grid.

Solar energy is clean energy everyone can afford

Be a part of the growing move towards renewable, affordable energy. Rooftop solar energy can reduce our dependence on carbon-emissions generating energy sources and put you on the path to saving energy and money for decades to come.

Let’s talk about your financing options and how Simply Solar California can get you the clean solar energy you need for your home. We offer affordable rooftop solar costs for every wallet and every home and can help you take advantage of the latest federal tax incentives and local California tax benefits for going solar.

Simply Solar is committed to quality service and ensuring you have a rooftop solar energy system that outperforms expectations for years to come. We are the only solar company to stand behind our work with our industry-leading 10-Point Guarantee. Our guarantee is our promise to you to show up, do the job right, and leave you satisfied as you collect unlimited energy from the sun. Learn more about the 10-Point Guarantee.

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