What the Increased Energy Rates Mean for You | Simply Solar
Have you noticed an increase in your electricity bill? Most homeowners have!

The cost of electricity has soared within the past few decades. In fact, Californians are currently paying some of the highest rates in the country! So, what does this mean for you?

This means you will be paying more for your electricity and natural gas. In the last 5 years, all PG&E customers have seen an increase of at least 10% on their electric bills. Some have seen an increase as high as 62%! We are estimating that the cost of energy will increase for the average household by 6.4%, which equates to approximately $10.57 a month. In fact, over the past 3 years, customers like yourself have seen electricity rates increase by 30.4% on average!

Don’t worry! There are many ways for you to avoid these rate hikes, some of which include switching to alternative energy sources and limiting your electricity usage.

What Can You Do?

One of the best ways to combat this is to shift the way you think about energy. PG&E has mentioned that the increased rates are intended to deter high usage. Meaning, they will ‘reward’ you financially for making a conservative effort.

However, it may be difficult for you, or the average homeowner, to limit electrical usage. Because of this, many homeowners have switched to solar energy. You can be one of the many who makes the switch to renewable energy and evade these rate hikes.

After switching to solar, you will produce your own free energy! In fact, if you make the switch now, you will see a rapid return on your investment.

More Increases That Could Affect You

PG&E has provided many reasons for the increase in price. After the San Bernardino explosion, PG&E increased customer rates in order to pay off the liability costs.

Recently, PG&E submitted SB 901, which is a proposal to increase their rates to pay for the liability cost of the Tubbs fire. The California Public Utilities Commission passed the bill and approved the rate increases. Therefore, this will affect all electricity customers, including you!

This doesn’t include the cost of the most recent Camp Fire, which hasn’t been directly linked to PG&E.

Take Action Now

By taking the initiative now, you can save the most money prior to more rate increases. Additionally, federal and State governments are rewarding those who are moving away from using fossil fuels.

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