How Your Energy Usage Drives Your Electric Bill | Simply Solar

Just as you can count on the sun to rise each day, you can count on your electric bill to come in the mailbox. Well, the electronic mailbox. Today, the average home in the US spends anywhere from $200 to $300 each month on their energy bill, and that cost is only trending up. But where is all your money going, considering electric utilities charge less than 10% for residential power in most places in the US—and more importantly, how can you use less and save more as the cost of traditional energy rises? 

What’s in Your Energy Bill

Your utility company includes two basic elements that make up the bulk of your bill—money that goes towards the actual energy you used and the fuel source cost (oil, natural gas, nuclear, solar, wind, etc.), and secondly, your money goes towards maintaining the grid, wire, poles, infrastructure, equipment and more. 

Where your costs are liable to go up more is on the fuel side. These costs are dependent on the market value, they are swayed by world events, politics, and other intangible factors way out of (most of) our control. 

The only way to actually be free from these interminable and unpredictable price hikes, is to own the power we generate and consume. With a rooftop solar energy system from a Bay Area solar energy company, you have the potential to gain energy independence that makes these external factors irrelevant.  The price you pay for energy has increased 1.3% per year over the last 10 years—and shows no signs of stopping.

Keeping Your Electric Bill Low

While making the jump to energy generated by solar panels is the fastest way to reduce your energy use and your bill, there are things you can do to lower your energy bill today. Since we can’t control the costs of grid maintenance, or the price of fuel, we have to think about ways to reduce our energy use in other ways. 

Use Energy Friendly Appliances

These are the silent suckers that can drive up your bill. When you leave an appliance or device plugged in, it’s actually still pulling energy that’s going nowhere. To save energy, unplug devices and appliances when not in use. 

Seal Your Home

Make sure your home is sealed tight with weather stripping to keep cool and warm air from escaping your home. When you keep more of the air conditioner’s cool air in, it doesn’t have to work as hard and that saves energy, too. 

Save All the Energy and Go Solar

Solar panel companies and homeowners in the Bay Area are getting on the solar energy train because it simplifies their life and saves money every month. Simply Solar is here to help customers gain energy independence and reduce the cost of their monthly energy bill with top solutions crafted by expert engineers. Let’s talk and see how you can save the most energy with solar panel installation and lower your energy costs for good.