How Solar Works

How Solar Works in 3 Easy Steps

PV solar allows your home to convert sunlight into usable energy to power your home!

But, how does it do this? Find out below!

From the Sun to You.

Every day the sun outputs free, renewable energy. Solar panels on your roof harness that energy and turn it into power. An inverter takes that raw power, converts it into energy which your home can use, and monitors everything along the way.

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Solar Panels Produce Electricity

When the sun hits your panels, they produce electricity in the form of direct current (DC). An inverter then takes this electricity and converts it to a form your home can use – alternating current (AC).

Use Your Power. Sell Your Power.

All the power that you produce during the day is pure, clean energy from your solar system and it goes directly into your home when you need it. Any excess power that is produced by your panels is sold back to PG&E. Through a special agreement called “Net Energy Metering,” you sell extra power to the electrical company at high rates, and then at night, you are able to buy back that power at a lower rate. In this way, solar helps you save money, even when the sun’s not out.