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Solar roof tiles and shingles are the newest buzz in the rooftop solar industry, and for good reason: they’re an innovative product that allows homeowners to switch to a solar roof without giving up the appearance of a traditional shingled rooftop. At Simply Solar, we’re proud to help homeowners and businesses throughout How Solar Tiles Really Work, Simply Solarthe San Francisco Bay Area achieve energy independence and make the switch to solar power, so we’d like to shed some light on how solar shingles really work. 


Solar Rooftop Shingles & Tiles

Thanks to the progression of solar panel technology, many modern solar tile arrays look almost indistinguishable from a standard shingle roof. But how do they achieve this feat while still managing to produce power? To answer that question, we need to understand the anatomy of a solar shingle. 

At their core, solar tiles are simply small solar panels with a few bells and whistles. Instead of large solar panels bolted onto an existing shingle roof, a solar tile roof replaces the regular shingles with solar shingles, each of which acts as a small solar panel that generates electricity for the home. Because solar shingles replace the roof instead of simply covering it, they’re known as a type of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV): photovoltaic modules that are woven into building construction materials instead of added on top. 

The tiles themselves consist of a small solar cell covered with a special layer that protects the solar cell while allowing sunlight to pass through. Some tile designs also include a color filter, which makes the tile appear more like a traditional rooftop shingle but still allows sunlight to hit the PV cell. 


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