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Highest Electricity Rates

Feel like your PG&E bill just continues to rise? You’re probably right, in fact, PG&E’s annual rate increase is right around 6%. With a 6% increase every year, you are bound to see large increases. Did you know that you might be paying more for power than neighboring territories?

Every month as we open our electric bill we always hope for the same thing- a smaller bill than the previous months. Unfortunately in many areas, around the U.S., electric rates are continually on the rise. In fact, some areas have far higher electric rates than others; for instance, California has one of the highest electric rates in the continental U.S. In addition, areas such as Washington or North Dakota have some of the lowest energy rates. So what makes energy more expensive in certain areas? The use of renewable energy- wind power, hydro-dams, etc is all green sources of energy that decrease electric rates.

Green Energy

With the use of green power plants, to produce energy, we are able to lower our carbon footprint in addition to lowering our electric bills. Unfortunately, when renewable sources of energy fall due to climate change, industry failure, etc. we see energy rate spikes. Due to the addition of California’s drought, there have been large amounts of production loss within hydro-dams.

Consequently, California has been forced to outsource power, which was originally forecasted to reduce consumer costs; although we have witnessed an increase in energy rates as a result. According to Forbes, California continues to lead the nation not only with some of the top electric rates but also with some of the most unreliable power- averaging 470 outages a year. So why does Washington have such low bills?

In addition to having far cheaper energy than most of the U.S., Washington also has much more reliable power. With the use of Washington’s six major hydro-dams, they are able to produce a surplus of energy and sell the remaining on the wholesale power market. With the use of clean renewable energy sources, electric rates are kept to a minimum.

Consequently, with the use of solar power, you can drastically lower or completely eliminate your electric bill. In addition to lowering your electric bill, you also increase your property value and save on your solar project through a 30% tax credit.

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