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Ring in the New Year with Solar

2014 was another great year for residential solar energy, as the industry continued its impressive growth – proving more home owners are making an effort toward a more sustainable and energy efficient future. Since 2013, residential panel installations have increased by 50% in the U.S alone! 2014 was the largest year in history for concentrated solar power, tripling in size from just three years ago.

Those who installed solar at the beginning of this year are not only helping the planet, but have already saved an average of over $1,000 on their energy bills. But that’s just the beginning – over the next 20 years, Californians with solar can expect to save a total of $35,000 on energy! With energy prices in the U.S. rising between 4% and 15% annually, taking advantage of renewable energy is one of the best options for reducing your energy bill in 2015.

The staggering increases in solar installations can partly be attributed to the policies set in place by federal and state governments – most notably the 30% federal Investment Tax Credit that is applied when you purchase a solar system. Many companies and home owners are looking to accelerate and complete their projects in order to qualify for this incredible opportunity on the chance it could expire at the end of 2016.

2015 looks exceptionally promising for solar, as the growth trend is expected to continue. With more people switching to renewable energy, utility prices steadily increasing, and tax credits potentially ending soon, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to go solar.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and exciting new year!