Get a $500 Referral When Your Friends and Family Go Solar | Simply Solar

So many of our customers in the Bay Area already love to tell their friends and family about the great service and experience they have had with Simply Solar. Now, we’re paying you for it! For every new referral you bring our way who joins the Simply Solar family, we’ll pay you a $500 cash bonus. We think your day is about to get sunnier already! 

Here are 5 reasons for and your friends to go solar and spread the solar wealth! 

We look out for our customers

If you’ve had Simply Solar install your solar energy system, than you know that working with us is a great experience, from quote to installation day and beyond. We go above and beyond to deliver for our customers, so you can be sure that referring us to a friend won’t get you kicked off the family greeting card mailing list. 

Solar is more affordable than ever, and we have options for every budget

Your friends might think going solar is out of their budget, but there are financing options that make it more than reasonable. In fact, most find that their monthly bill for financing their solar energy system is lower than the rate they pay for energy right now. Plus, if you go solar in the next two years, the solar investment tax credit (ITC) will get you a 26% tax credit on your solar energy system.  

Going solar means more independence from the electric companies

And their ever-rising costs! Electric utilities raise rates often, but when you and your friends go solar, the price you pay for energy will be the same until your loan is paid off. After that, you own your energy free and clear.


Convincing your fellow Earthlings to go solar is a great way to encourage a more sustainable and cleaner energy future for all of us. While the savings are great, it also feels good to know that making the transition to solar is one of the biggest ways a singular household can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner world.

Solar can boost property values

Letting your neighbors know that solar can actually increase their home’s value and boost their real estate investments is just the neighborly thing to do. And while going solar is an investment in the future sale of your home, it’s also one that starts paying you back right away with lower energy bills. 

Going solar is going viral! With so many in the Bay Area catching on to the incredible savings and the benefits of generating your own clean solar energy, the opportunities for your cash reward are all around you. Don’t be shy! Talk to your friends, neighbors and coworkers and let them know about Simply Solar and get your $500 cash bonus for solar referrals today.