Do I Qualify For Solar? An Ultimate Guide | Simply Solar
Have you or someone you know been told that “You don’t qualify for solar”? If so, you most likely want to know why, and who does qualify for solar. Some companies may have told you that you don’t qualify because of your roofing material, for example. Well, if you are a homeowner and can see the sun, you are a candidate for solar! Allow us to explain…

Why You Do Qualify for Solar

Many solar companies, especially in Sonoma County, can install solar systems for most homeowners. If another company said that you don’t qualify it is most likely because they do not specialize in the type of system you need. This does not mean that you universally do not qualify. In fact, there are many ways that a reliable installer is able to work around common issues that others consider “disqualifiers.”

Some Common “Disqualifiers,” that Don’t Actually “Disqualify” You!

Roof Type

Many companies will disqualify homeowners based on to their roof type. However, it does not disqualify you from going solar completely. In fact, companies with special mounting equipment and experience can install solar on any roof type! Check out the most common types of roofs that are disqualified below:

  • Most Common Disqualified Roof Types:

    • Corrugated Metal
    • Curved Tile
    • Flat Concrete Tile
    • Rolled Composite
    • Spray Foam
    • Standing Seam Metal
    • Steel Tile
    • Tar & Gravel
    • TPO / PVC / EPDM
    • Wood Shake


While shading can be an issue there are some ways to get around it. One solution can be high-efficiency solar panels which produce more than the average panel. Another solution can be micro-inverters, which are placed on each solar panel. Inverters convert the sun’s light into usable electricity. This allows each panel to be more efficient rather than having one inverter for the entire system. While micro-inverters can be useful, they are more expensive and need to be replaced more frequently. So, some shading is not necessarily a big deal. But, if your roof does not have any sunlight, solar is not going to be the best option.

Roof Direction

In California, there is plenty of sunlight! One issue with not having a roof that faces the “right” direction, is your solar panels will lose some efficiency. Therefore, your roof direction is not a disqualifier.  In fact, most solar providers will offer you a simple and realistic solution.

Roof Space

While roof space can be an issue, it is not usually a disqualifier. One way to get around this issue is by using high-efficiency panels. Also, if you don’t have enough roof space, feel free to ask a solar provider about installing ground mounts. Homeowners will often use ground mounts if they have space available either in the back yard or around their property.

Low Energy Usage

Some people believe that you need to spend a large amount of money on electricity to see a return on your investment. However, since the price of solar is going down, it’s easier to see a return in less time. In fact, the average payback period is now around 5-7 years!

In Conclusion

 A good solar installer will be able to overcome most, if not all potential “disqualifiers.” We recommend that you get in touch with a solar installer who specializes in custom solutions