Sonoma County Solar Installation Mistakes | Simply Solar

The number of solar installations completed throughout Sonoma County in the past few years is skyrocketing. In fact, these numbers are at an all-time high not only in Sonoma County but also throughout the country. As the solar technology boom continues so does the number of faulty solar installations. A properly installed system can provide homeowners with energy independence, a long-lasting investment, and increased property value. While on the other hand, an improperly installed solar system can result in major damages to your home, and your wallet.

Common Problems Caused by DIY and/or Inexperienced Installers

  1. Poor solar panel quality:

While the underlying technology for most solar panels is the same, not all are created equal. Many companies use lower quality silicon and have less rigorous manufacturing processes, which causes panels to produce less power and fail more often. Look for solar installers offering panels from manufacturers like Silfab or LG, as these companies have been around long enough to see their warranties through.

  1. Improper alignment:

One of the main reasons individuals can rarely install solar panels as a “DIY” job is that they must be properly aligned to receive maximum sunlight throughout the day.  You need an experienced contractor with the right equipment to ensure the panels are installed at the optimum angle for maximum sun exposure. Additionally, if your system is not properly aligned with a rafter your roof could leak, creating massive water damage to your home.

  1. Improper Wiring:

An unfortunate fact of solar panel installation is the need for an experienced electrician. Many “DIY” solar jobs result in improper wiring and breakers. If a system is improperly wired it can result in the inverter becoming overloaded, a fire, or a solar system that simply does not work.

When choosing your solar provider be sure to go with a highly ranked, reputable company. If your solar installation is done properly it will last for decades, providing you with a clean and reliable source of energy.