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Solar roofing is a convenient, cost-effective way to declare your energy independence and save thousands of dollars on electricity costs. Rooftop solar panels are durable and require almost no maintenance, but in order to work in peak condition, it is important to keep them clean. At Simply Solar, we’re proud to be the Bay Area’s #1 provider of solar roofing systems, so we’d like to offer a few simple tips on how to keep your solar roofing clean. 

Residential solar panels on rooftop used to generate electricity

How to Clean Solar Roofing Systems


Rooftop solar panels let you turn ambient sunlight into power for your home, and they can generate serious ROI over the long-term. But in order to generate all that power and savings, it’s important that they’re kept clean! Solar panels are smooth and usually sit at an angle, so they generally don’t accumulate much in the way of debris. Solar panels usually stay warm enough to prevent snow from building up on them, but if that is a problem, simply knock the snow away to clear them off. However, dust, dirt, and pollen can build up on solar roofing, so it’s necessary to clean them from time to time. Thankfully, that’s a pretty simple task. 

Often, a simple garden hose is enough to clean off solar panels: just give them a good spray to wash off any built-up grime. If the dirt is caked on, you may need to clean them manually. All you need is a washcloth or sponge and a spray bottle or bucket filled with warm water and soap. Simply wet the solar panel and clean it like you would any other glass surface, wiping it down with the sponge or cloth. Afterward, rinse it off with the hose. 

That’s it! Keep in mind that solar panels get incredibly hot during the day, so it’s always best to clean them in the morning or at night. 


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Keeping your solar system clean is important, but thankfully, it’s an easy thing to do. And if you have more questions about cleaning your solar panels or are interested in getting a solar system installed, we can help. Take the first step towards a rooftop solar system of your very own and request a solar savings assessment today. We can’t wait to help you make the switch to solar power!