What Should You Be Asking Your Solar Installer?

With the rising tide of the solar industry, more and more solar panel contractors are riding the wave to provide solar systems in homes and businesses. Unfortunately, all solar installers were not created equal. Some may not have the quality products, experience and...

State of the Solar Industry

Solar energy has become one of the world's leading sources of renewable energy. Solar panels have become common on homes throughout the US, and both businesses and public utilities are increasingly turning to solar for cheap, reliable, and sustainable power. But how...

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panel sales are increasing every day as awareness grows about climate change, renewable energy, and the cost of electricity. Solar energy is a fantastic way to harness green energy in your home or business from the sun. Although popularity is growing, many...

Solar Panel vs Wind Turbine

Solar Panel vs Wind Turbine At Simply Solar, we are not only passionate about green energy, we truly believe that solar panels can change the way you look at energy and your electricity bill. Our team offers residential and commercial solar energy options to fit all...

Facts About Solar Energy

Facts About Solar Energy   The time for solar energy is now! Not only is solar energy incredibly abundant, it is also economically efficient. Solar energy is the low cost and zero pollution form of energy that is taking the world by storm and Simply Solar wants...

Are Solar Batteries Recyclable?

Are Solar Batteries Recyclable?

Solar energy is praised as one of the greenest renewable energy sources for commercial and residential properties. Property owners are quickly making the switch to solar energy in order to reduce their impact on the environment and save money. However, now homeowners...

We take pride in the products we sell. Representing one of the leading solar companies in Sonoma County, our passionate team of installers and solar consultants give you a professional and simple process from start to finish, for any size solar project.

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