Sonoma County Solar Installation in California | Simply Solar

The best time of year for Sonoma County solar installation is anytime there is dry weather. Solar panels provide clean, renewable energy to operate your heating system and air conditioning system, as well as other appliances. Taking that into consideration, early spring is a good time to install solar panels in time for the long days of summer.
Solar panels collect energy during the summer that will be stored for later use. The bright summer sunlight will also supply energy for your air conditioner. You will only be charged when your electrical use exceeds the power collected from your solar panels.
Sustainable solar energy will substantially lower your power bill. Your local utility company will give you a credit for the power your system puts out that you don’t use. That credit is there to use when you need it for electricity on darker winter days.

How solar panels work

The number of panels installed on your roof will be based on:

  • The size of the roof
  • Your electricity usage
  • The best sun exposure

Solar panels use photovoltaic cells that capture sunlight to provide direct current (DC). An inverter will change the DC to alternating current (AC) needed for your home. This includes your HVAC system that uses a large percentage of your home’s energy.

Assessing your needs

Simply Solar California in Petaluma will help you estimate your monthly and annual electrical use. They will explain about different solar panel configurations and why costs have lowered dramatically as this clean, endlessly renewable energy has become popular in California. The company’s licensed installers will know about the latest state and federal tax incentives for solar power.
Solar installation in Sonoma County includes placing the panels in the best position on your roof to collect maximum sunlight. Contact Simply Solar California serving all of Northern California at 707-285-7037 for more information.