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Commercial Solar in Sonoma County

Forward-looking commercial property owners will look at solar technology to not only benefit themselves but also give back something to the community as well. Simply Solar is the premier source for commercial solar in Sonoma County. Here are a few reasons why installing solar panels on your commercial property can be a good idea for your business.

The technology is highly reliableWith vast improvements in technology and decreases in cost, solar panels have become a very reliable source of energy for commercial buildings. Solar panels are also quite easy to maintain. In fact, a twice-yearly check-up is usually all that is required. Good technicians should be able to spot any potential minor problems and rectify them before they turn into anything worse.

It creates a positive public image The counties around the Bay Area are renowned for their dedication to environmental causes. By installing a solar power system in your business, you immediately embrace the local eco-friendly ethic. It is a win-win situation as you save money with the system and generate more goodwill from your customers.

It pays for itself The installation of a solar panel system is underwritten by a number of federal, state, and local government subsidies. Federal tax credits go directly to offset any profits of your company while local municipalities usually mandate that you can sell any excess power that is generated back to your local utility company. There are many options for fixing your power costs at lower rates and seeing savings immediately.

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