Become a Solar Energy Expert in 6 Simple Steps | Simply Solar

Solar is the fastest growing renewable energy for homeowners, and rooftop solar has never been more affordable. But to make the most of your solar panels, you’ve got to know how they work, how to maximize your energy generation, and what makes the Bay Area among the best for saving energy and money with solar. 

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about solar. Here are 6 easy ways to become a solar energy expert. Get to know more about this affordable, renewable, clean energy that you can use to power your home. 

1. Study Up at the Solar Academy

School yourself in the basics of solar and beyond with this quick and easy interactive educational guide. Topics include: 

  • How solar energy affects your home, and how it helps the environment 
  • Transparent cost breakdowns, how to read your quote and what the real numbers are
  • Installation, a step-by-step guide
  • Solar battery storage pros and cons
  • Your home on solar energy—what to expect and answers to common questions 
  • Choosing the right solar partner, and why Simply Solar is the Bay Area solar installer of choice for thousands of customers

2. Read Real Case Studies

Real customers tell their stories and experiences going solar. They’re real Californians, just like you, who have made the switch with solar panel installation. For any company you choose to work with, hearing from past customers can help you pick the right team for you.

3. Check Out Different Solar Solutions

Our services include soup-to-nuts solutions and custom designs for residential and commercial customers. Get to know more about what we can do to help you go solar. 

4. Stay Current

The solar industry is moving fast, and so is the world around us. Stay up on the latest trends with our educational blog posts, and follow other renewable energy news sources to further your current knowledge. 

5. Compare Your Options

Explore different types of battery storage or different styles of panels, compare your current energy bills to the financing payments (and see how much lower you can get!), and have an expert take a look at your home to determine key differences that will make your installation unique. These considerations will all play a role in your solar energy system and help it run its best, to maximize your output with all Bay Area solar companies.

6. Ask Questions!

Our solar advisors love to talk solar. And with more than 20 years of experience, they can answer your questions and then some. Contact us today and get the ball rolling on your solar energy system.  At Simply Solar, we believe in empowering through education, to help anyone make clean energy part of their lives. Explore our simple, personalized, educational solutions that can open the door for everyone to go solar, from industry newcomers to experts.