Supporting Community Solar Projects: Our Community Impact


Through our efforts, we seek to educate, impact, and inspire positive change to the Bay Area and beyond.

community impact

The more residential projects we install, the more clean energy we can give to communities. From schools in remote villages which lack power, to local community centers, to your elementary school down the street, we want to make clean power accessible to everyone.

And we give you a say where your money goes! That’s because we believe that the community members always know best where solar energy could benefit them.

Have an idea for a project? Let us know! We’re ready to partner with you in our role as one of the top solar companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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What is a Solar True-Up Bill?

What is a Solar True-Up Bill?

Tracking The In's And Out's Of Your Home's Energy When going solar, homeowners go into agreements with both their installers and utility providers in terms of payment and power generation, respectively. One of those agreements is the tracking of charges and credits...