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When you join the Simply Solar team, you’re joining an amazing culture of people who care deeply about the work they do. We are an organization committed to creating positive, measurable change to power our communities forward. 

When you join our team, you are joining a dynamic and diverse group of individuals that take pride in the work that they do. 

You’ll love working in the solar industry, where you can come to work each day knowing you’re doing your part to keep the environment healthy.

We also offer competitive pay with excellent benefits, company trips/events, PTO, 401K and more. Plus, we’re pet-friendly too!

Careers, Simply Solar

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Sales & Marketing

Our Simply Solar Sales and Marketing teams work to advocate and educate our communities on the benefits of going solar!

If you are looking to spread the word about clean energy, and invite individuals in the Bay Area and Beyond to go solar than this team is for you!

We’re passionate, we work hard, and we care about the footprint we leave behind.

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Join a team that is on the cutting edge of renewable energy. We supply cutting edge technologies, and industry leading education, and our install team works year round to supply our communities with new solar systems.

Grow your career, and experience the reward of leading our communities into a cleaner and brighter future.

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It’s no question that a successfully functioning company, has rockstar members on it’s operations teams. If you love details, process, customer interaction, and renewable energy, this team is for you.

Work closely with customers to ensure smooth sailing from first call to install and beyond.

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Are you customer focused? Do you love to resolve issues? We have a Administrative team that brings positive energy and a great vibe to all functions of the Simply Solar organization.

Listen, respond, and resolve issues in a professional & graceful manner.

Careers, Simply Solar


Careers, Simply Solar


Careers, Simply Solar

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Careers, Simply Solar

Pet Friendly

Careers, Simply Solar

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Careers, Simply Solar


“Simply Solar is the best place I’ve ever worked. I didn’t know that work could be fun!”

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