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We have a passion for driving California communities towards clean energy and a brighter future.

Our Story


Simply Solar has been a leading solar installer in the Bay Area for nearly 20 years. We take great pride in the products we sell and the custom solar systems we design. While we’re a local Sonoma County Solar Company, our passionate team of solar installers and solar consultants create custom solar systems all over the Bay Area. We strive to make the process professional, simple, and convenient from start to finish… no matter the project size.

Create a lasting impact that shapes our future for the better.

We’re proud to help our customers save thousands of dollars on their electricity bills – but our commitment to solar power goes far beyond the cost savings. Our primary focus is creating a lasting local impact that shapes our future for the better, and we take the same approach whether we’re bringing clean energy to homes or educating Bay Area communities about solar power. We firmly believe that a better, more sustainable world is within our grasp, and we’re working to bring it about, every single day.

We’ve installed thousands of solar panel systems

With two decades of experience installing thousands of solar panel systems for both residential and commercial projects, our installers are some of the most qualified Solar installers in the Bay Area. We make the process quick, easy, and professional, helping you obtain a solar system you can count on.

As soon as you agree to your solar savings plan and sign up for solar panel installation, we take care of the rest: we handle the full site analysis, system engineering, permitting, installation, activation, monitoring, and maintenance – all with exceptional customer service along the way.

We are true professionals when it comes to solar in San Francisco, and our commitment to quality and customer service is what makes us one of the best full-service solar companies in the Bay Area.


Cleaner Energy

Empower customers to take advantage of renewable energy, by providing energy users with cleaner, less expensive power.

genuine service

Efficiently and expertly deliver customized power solutions for customers.

Community driven

Engage with our communities to foster a clean energy economy driven by enthusiastic customer referrals.

Ready to see how solar power can change your life for the better?

Request a free solar savings assessment online today from our solar contractors here at Simply Solar. We can’t wait to help you make the switch to solar power!