What Does 1kW of Solar Energy Look Like? I Simply Solar

“How large of a solar system will I need,” is one of the most popular questions solar companies hear. However, before we can answer that question, it’s good to know the basics. For example, what is a watt? Don’t worry, most consumers when asked aren’t entirely sure what a watt is: Let alone what 1,000 of them looks like.

Starting with the basics:

A watt is a basic measure of electrical power. Wattage is what electrical and solar companies use to measure electricity usage or production. A kilowatt naturally, is a thousand watts. Simple enough, right? Generally speaking, most homes rarely require 1 kW systems, as this is far less than the national norm for electricity usage.

Average System Size:

With Americans using more power and electricity by way of WiFi connections, virtual assistants, smart home devices, electronic devices, etc., electric bills are on the rise. The average American homeowner’s electricity bill is over $100 and hovers around 5-6 kWh of power usage per month. This number is based on an average of three to four-person household. While this number is derived from the national U.S. average, this number is by no means congruent to the general populations’ unique usage.
The costs for solar systems, like the 6kW system above, can vary in each state depending on supply and demand, seasonality, state laws, and infrastructure. If you’re interested in going solar, it’s best to compare multiple offers from local solar companies and pick the one that fits best. Additionally, many solar companies offer competitive pricing!
Once you’ve chosen a solar company to work with, keep in mind that a bigger system isn’t always better. While planning down the road is a good thing, it is important to get a properly sized system for your needs. Some solar companies can even add panels or expand your system in the future if needed.


Solar is everywhere and the information is always at your fingertips. If you find yourself in the middle of a consultation, don’t hesitate to stop to ask questions. Ensure you’re getting the system that’s right for you. Last but certainly not least, listen to yourself, your wants, and your needs and everything will fall into place.