Solar, Simplified
We made installing solar power so easy, we built our name on it. Move forward with confidence.
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Energy independence should be easy

Don't let pushy sales people, poor customer service, or unexpected costs and delays eclipse the benefits of going solar.

Get the knowlege you need to make an informed decision.


Typical solar savings exceeds $90k over 25 years.


We value our clients and strive for 100% customer satisfaction


Leading solar industry products and the most efficient solar panels on the market!

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25-30 year solar panel product warranties.


Online monitoring and continuous system support.


Feel empowered with our on-line solar education center.

You Can Be Power Full

Knowledge is power. That’s why we focus on simple ways of passing it on to you, so you can be filled with confidence in your decision to go solar.
We know it’s a big decision

It’s an investment

An investment in your home; in your independence,
and for the planet. Work with a solar advisor to understand your energy usage and needs. Then choose the right solar panel system for you. 

There’s a lot to learn

There’s so much to consider; from equipment;
to pricing, financing, and incentives. Learn about our custom options available, and then we’ll design your ideal solar system.

we’d love to earn your business

Complete your solar installation, and start enjoying the savings and satisfaction of knowing you made a great renewable energy investment. To help you make a confident decision, we’ve created a solar education center to make the process… well, simple.

We’re called Simply solar for a reason

We make going solar easy and enjoyable in 3 simple steps.

Talk to an advisor

Work with a advisor to understand your energy usage and needs. Then, choose the right system for you.

Develop your plan

Learn about custom options available for designing your ideal set-up. Including: equipment, installation, and finance.

Buy with confidence

Complete your install, and start enjoying the savings and satisfaction of knowing you made a great investment.
Your reliable team to Empower you through the process

Meet Chris

Hey! I’m Chris, your Solar Advisor. I’m here to educate you on your going solar options and together we’ll build the best system to suit your needs!

Meet Ally

Hello! I’m Ally, your Project Coordinator. I’ll be with you for the duration of your project to make sure everything goes smoothly from first call to install!


residential solar

Save 80-90% on your electric bill every month

Commercial Solar

Transition your company to a cleaner, more profitable operation

We’re proud To give Back to our community

As one of the leading solar companies in the SF Bay Area, we are committed to helping communities become energy independent.

That’s why we take a portion of every residential solar installation and put it towards solar projects in communities at home and abroad.

Have an idea for a project in your community?

Center for Climate Protection

Creates model programs to reduce greenhouse emissions and inspires and mobilizes action in response to the climate crisis.

Social Advocates for Youth

Provides support, opportunities and hope to children, youth and families, through housing, counseling ,and life readiness programs.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Helping to solve climate change by creating the political will for climate solutions.

Stay power full

energy storage solutions

Learn about our solar battery backup solutions that provide power on demand and ensure your homes resiliency during power outages.